The Self-Taught Programmer by

Date read: May 15, 2019

How much I liked it: 8/10

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I decided to seriously focus on programming recently, as opposed to a more passive approach and had a good process, but certain concepts were a little hard to grasp. For some reason I used to have a lot of problems with “classes” (OOP), just couldn’t understand why would one need them. There were other things that were hard for me and thanks to Cory and his book I certainly had a big breakthrough with the concepts and applications of various programming principles.

This books talks about broad programming principles using Python (my fave language) and does not dive deep into specific subjects, which is a great way to start learning for a “self-taught” programmer.

I have discovered a resource called LeetCode where one would practice programming skills and simultaneously prepare for the interview questions that might pop-up during a job application process. This website is a better, more designy version of the ProjectEuler , which is0 less famous, but still popular resource. There are problems that anyone can try to solve. The difference is that ProjectEuler is more focused around mathematics rather than programming itself.

I certainly recommend this book for anyone who is looking to deep their toes into the world of programming. I certainly recommend it for anyone else who thinks that there is always more to learn (which should be everyone).

Great book. I will focus on making detailed notes next time I read it, which should be some time soon. I want to revisit some chapters that were unclear to me, but I feel I have learnt more on elsewhere.