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How to make friends and influence people [50%]

Part 3, Chapter 4: A drop of Honey

Begin in a friendly way

John Rockefeller giving a speech to blood hungry workers asking for higher wages. Instead of arguing he gave a speech where he called them friends, said he was happy to be there (basic political speech) they magically turned around and went back to work without mentioning wages.

A story of an engineer who wanted a smaller rent payment. The landlord apparently was hard to deal with, according to other tenants. So the engineer welcomed the landlord to his apartment and started talking about the great things in the building. He mentioned that landlord ran it very well. Landlord offered to lower the rent without engineer asking.

This is a book of stories. Generally it seems people learn best from stories. People like to apply real examples into themselves. The same goes for people learning programming, it is easier to use real examples.

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