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The E Myth [70%]

Strategic Objectives

What will serve my Primary Aim?


  • What is you goal for revenue, gross, pre-tax and post tax profits?

The truth is that you have no way of knowing those numbers from the get go, bit having no goal or no estimate is multitude worse. Worse not for your business, but for your life.

The goal is to sell the business in the end. How much for in terms of multiples, how long from now is for you to decide

Opportunity worth pursuing

Author argues that people don't care about commodities, rather feelings. For example Revlon CEO says they don't sell cosmetic products, they sell hope.

Sure, ok. I can try to go as deep as I can into self analysis, but I still see myself buying a product that solves some sort of my goal. That goal could be hope, but that goal can be extremely different for everyone. As a business I have no way of knowing what will be yours.

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