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The Inevitable [45%]


  • Eight generatives that are "better than free", akin to trust:
    1. Immediacy (for example, going to the cinema)
    2. Personalization
    3. Interpretation (for example, Apache free software, earns by providing instructions and support)
    4. Authenticity (for example, getting the real software with no bugs, for sure)
    5. Accessibility (you don't want to deal with backups and cleaning, in software)
    6. Embodiment ( PDF vs. Printed book or Authors Book and his live presentation)
    7. Patronage - fans paying artists, but only if the following are met: I. It is extremely easy to do II. The amount just be reasonable III. There is a clear benefit to them for paying IV. It's clear the money will directly benefit the creator
    8. Discoverability (easy to find, helps find things, Netflix algorithm for example)

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