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TO READ - Chose myself


  • ReWork by Basecamp
  • Getting Real by Basecamp
  • The Mom test by Rob Fitzpatrick
  • Business Adventures by John Brooks
  • effective executive by Peter Drucker
  • Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future


  • Story of Civilization by Durant
  • Sapiens
  • Homo Deus
  • The Sixth Extinction
  • The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson


  • Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
  • The Art of War
  • The Complete Confucius: The Analects, The Doctrine Of The Mean, and The Great Learning with an Introduction by Nicholas Tamblyn


  • Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content
  • The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition
  • On Writing Well The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction
  • On Writing


  • Waking Up by San Harris
  • Atomic Habits
  • Smarter Better Faster by Duhigg
  • Power of Habit
  • The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right
  • Stumbling on Happiness
  • The Mind Map Book: How to Use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential
  • Use Your Perfect Memory: Dramatic New Techniques for Improving Your Memory; Third Edition


  • Ben Franklin Auto
  • Ben Franklin by Walter
  • Da Vinci by Isaacson
  • Einstein by Walter Isaacson


  • 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing


  • Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids: Why Being a Great Parent is Less Work and More Fun Than You Think
  • The Montessori Toddler: A Parent's Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being
  • The Yes Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child
  • Born Reading: Bringing Up Bookworms in a Digital Age -- From Picture Books to eBooks and Everything in Between
  • The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind
  • The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way
  • The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money
  • How Children Succeed
  • All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood
  • The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist's Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults
  • Clutterfree with Kids: Change your thinking. Discover new habits. Free your home
  • Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood

Life Sciences

  • The Original of Species - Darwin
  • Neuroeconomics
  • Fooled by Randomness

Food & Diet

  • Healing Mushrooms by Tero Isokaupilla
  • Art of Fermentation by Katz
  • Mastering Pasta by Mark Vetri
  • The Art of Natural Cheesemaking: Using Traditional, Non-Industrial Methods and Raw Ingredients to Make the World's Best Cheeses
  • The Artisan's Guide to Crafting Distilled Spirits
  • The Joy of Home Distilling: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, Moonshine, and More (Joy of Series)
  • Brew it Yourself: Make Your Own Wine, Beer, and Other Concoctions
  • Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail


  • Homegrown Tea: An Illustrated Guide to Planting, Harvesting, and Blending Teas and TisanesYear-Round
  • Indoor Salad Gardening: How to Grow Nutrient-Dense, Soil-Sprouted Greens in Less Than 10 days
  • Indoor Kitchen Gardening: Turn Your Home Into a Year-round Vegetable Garden

Economics & Finance

  • The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
  • Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Pikkety
  • Heavens Bankers by Harris Irfan
  • Get What's yours

Fiction / Classics

  • The Odyssey by Homer
  • The Iliad by Homer


  • Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence
  • The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship: A Toltec Wisdom Book


  • Nomadic Homes. Architecture on the move (Multilingual Edition)
  • Drives of a Lifetime: 500 of the World's Most Spectacular Trips
  • 100 Places to Go Before They Disappear
  • Once in a Lifetime Trips: The World's 50 Most Extraordinary and Memorable Travel Experiences
  • Fifty Places to Hike Before You Die: Outdoor Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations
  • Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die: Biking Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations
  • From Nat's list. Sort out.
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