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10 most underrated pieces of advice for Startup founders

  1. Consistency is key. Being consistent with how you show up every day and move the needle is half the battle. Whether you are marketing your business or you are iterating on your product/service offering, keep showing up each day and push to improve 1% from the day before. It all adds up and compounds over time.

  2. When things feel like you're pushing a boulder up a hill all the time, I think it's fair to assume something fundamental needs to be changed.

  3. If you want a chat feature on your product. Don’t build it. Just pay for a service that lets you add that feature to your product. This is especially good advice when you are still trying to get product-market fit.

  4. Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.

  5. Just launch. So simple, so true. And relaunch often by reiterating base on customer feedback.

  6. Delegate. When businesses grow and mature, you can't handle everything, and more importantly: you can't do it as well as an expert. Then think of all the tasks you really don't like doing or aren't the best at, and start hiring to meet those needs.

  7. Learn to enjoy the process, not the outcome.

  8. Delayed gratification vs instant gratification. It is quite easy to do things for there's an instant reward/impact, but to do anything worthwhile, it will require focus and belief in delayed gratification (ex. icecream vs exercise). And things compounds - both bad and good.

  9. We always tend to overestimate what we can do in a day or a week, but combined with delayed gratification, the power of compounding can be really used to gain big wins.

  10. Do the right thing always when you have to choose between right & easy.

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