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15 Sites like ProductHunt

15 Sites like Product Hunt Want to beyond Product Hunt? Click on this delicious description.

Shiva Prabhakaran Mar 26

This is a post based on frustration and desperation to get my product in front of as many people as I could. I wanted to look at what’s beyond Product Hunt and surprisingly, there are lots. I too started this one called ProductBar (Original, I know!). You can submit your products/startup here

With that plug out of the way, here is what I found. 1. Slant (

This one has a complicated submission process, but they claim to have 2.8 million users, so I’d crawl on sand if I get to list here. Decent design plus they have a blog that drives traffic. Win-Win. 2. Softpedia (

If you are selling any software for free this is the place to be. Apart from PH and Hacker News, they seem to have the largest data base of free shit across platforms. Plus updated very regularly, this is an easy kill. 3. FileHippo (

A better designed version of Softpedia, I didn’t realise till I started this research that this is a product listing site. It also has a blog that gets significant traffic, so there is an added incentive for you to list here. 4. Software Informer (

If Softpedia and FileHippo reluctantly had a kid, this would be it. Ugly on the outside and inside, this website has a blog that has surprisingly decent traffic. Free shit will sell here because while I was there I didn’t see any paid products. Worth a try. 5. StackShare (

They seem to have a social component to their site much like Product Hunt. The design is mediocre but again, user generated content will drive heavy traffic here. The work on developer tool recommendations, so if you are in that space then this might be your golden or at the very least bronze ticket. They were featured on Tech Crunch and when was the last time those guys were wrong? That’s right. 6. Startup Tracker (

With one of the most unoriginal logos I’ve ever seen, this site seems to have a diverse database of startups. The ones you’ll probably not see in bigger databases. Their filter system is actually decent. 7. Museum of Modern Betas (

This site seems to have the most “beta” level products there is. Has a surprisingly decent SEO score and seems like it is giving out do-follow links. You’ll have to email the founder to be featured since he still lives in the 2000s. 8. Indie Hackers (

Hands down my favourite platform. I’ve got little in terms of direct business but the community is one of the most helpful ones I’ve found online. Think of it as a litter version of Hacker news but with people who don’t automatically assume they know every thing about everything. 9. StartupLift (

This one feels like something my late grandfather would like. The design is 2005 but some of the startups seem to be from 2018. So try your luck with this one. I think the links here are do-follow links, so you might get a SEO push. 10. Killer Startups (

This one is between a blog and a startup featuring website and based on the ones featured, this must be pretty easy to get into. So give a shot and if it sticks then good and if not, then who gives a shit. 11. Startup Buffer (

Again, this is a list that I have not personally submitted to, so take the results with a pinch of salt. Their list doesn’t seem to be very updated but there is an upside to it. If you manage to get your product on it, then it stays there for a little while longer. I’m a glass half-full kind of a guy. 12. Launching Next (

I discovered them during my research for this post, they seem to be active and I am basing this on the products they have listed which are the top ones from PH and Betalist from the past few days. No harm in submiting. 13. Hacker News( )

Mostly focussed on CS and startups, this one is run by Paul Graham. Ending up on the first page of this guy can land you some good traction initially. Probably next only to Product Hunt itself. 14. Betalist (

Probably the most famous after Product Hunt and Hacker news, Betalist is a go-to website for product submission. I’m personally also subscribed to their email and they haven’t spammed me yet. 15. BetaPage (

Claims to have about 30,000 newsletter subscribers and fairly active. The process is similar to that of Betalist.

Do you have anymore that I missed? Let me know in the comments.

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