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How to Work Effectively with a Personal Assistant

Tiago Forte will be joined by Tim Francis, founder of the recruiting and training service Great Assistant, for this two-hour virtual workshop on how to produce outstanding results with a personal assistant.


Marian Knopp - site workflowonder, sytematization expert Billy Bross - works online course creators, tiago's business coach, works with Marian Betheny Swinehart - Tiago's Assistant Timothy Francis - Austin, Texas, Does a lot of work with the help of assitants. Tiago and Billy are clients.


3 Strategies

  1. No Email Not highly productie (apparently)
  2. Use Loom Quicker than writing instructions
  3. Pay - $18-$20

How to Great a Great Aissitant (is that a typo?... Seems like a lack of preparation)

  • The general impression of this guide is not good... To put it mildly. Will try to keep good notes nevertheless.

  • I inveted "Surgeon in the room"... Really?

  • Unpack big tasks into a bunch of smaller tasks. That makes it possible to delegate the tasks.

  • Pay your assistant $17/hr

  • "Ooh, that's quick, I'll do it"... Tasks add up quickly, be careful! Keep a journal to keep track of time wasted. See what you did, what you liked, what can be automated what can be easily delegated.

Tiago + Betheny

Misconceptions 1. You should fine the cheapest person you can find 2. You'll start saving time immediately 3. You don't have to have calls/meetings 4. You can completely standardize you assistant's work 5. You can only delegate routine, standardized work

Finding the right person 1. Commited - Minimum 20 hours per week 2. Experienced - Minimum 2 years of professional working eperience 3. Tech Savvy - Comfortable using and learning new apps and platforms 4. Service-oriented - Strong attitude of customer service. Being helpful is crucial 5. Detail-oriented - Sensitive to details that matter 6. Curious - Khonws how to listen...

Billy + Marian

Work with someone who shares your life goals.

Marian loves clear goals

  • What do I need to do
  • When do I need it by
  • What does the amazing result look like

Weekly FaceTime is a must


Random Notes

Tools Mentioned:

  • 360 Delegation

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