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I Just Hit $100k/yr On GitHub Sponsors! 🎉❤️ (How I Did It) by Caleb Porzio


Caleb Porzio

Here’s how Sponsorware works:

  • Create a cool piece of software
  • Make it exclusive to people who sponsor you until you reach a certain number of sponsors
  • Then open source the project to the world

(To make all this happen I built a Laravel app with GitHub authentication that calls on the GitHub API to verify a user’s sponsorship) Now, people watching the screencasts will naturally encounter these “private” screencasts and if they like the free ones, they will sponsor me (at $14/mo.) to get access.

All of this works because I spent years and years honing my craft and producing software that is truly useful.

There is just no way around this. You have to learn and gain experience!

The work people are sponsoring for has to be quality and remain the #1 priority.

Building an audience is ESSENTIAL for any of this to work. Twitter followers and email subscribers are your most valuable asset

The biggest mistake people make with GitHub sponsors is offering too small of a first tier.

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