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The 6 builders who will thrive in the new world

With the proliferation of open-source, no-code/creators tools and new professional networks, the builders who will thrive in the new world will not only ‘think different’, but look and build different.

The 6 types of builders who will thrive in the new world:

The Designers who Code

When we combine technical excellence with opinionated design, we arrive at the designers who can code. Shipping an MVP and iterating based on user feedback is the default for startups; committing to a creative vision and marrying art with technical acumen and user-informed, but not dictated, features has created multiple $2B+ category leading companies: Figma, Notion to name a few.

The Career Jumpers

The career jumpers collect and synthesize the expertise and skills they’ve gained across sectors into new insights, moving from law to biometrics or publishing to technology. Or Tech Twitter’s favorite: tech journalism to venture capital.

The Ambitious Advisors

Advisors, agencies and freelance executives have a unique upper-hand: access.

The Creative Hackers

The creative hackers win friends, influence people, and break the internet. They find ways to bring products and experiences to life without writing code. Instead, they dream up big projects and forge partnerships to bring them to fruition or build with flexible no-code tools.

The Industry Academics

Academics are finding new homes. Companies like DeepMind and OpenAI recruit research scientists with PhDs to solve complex challenges in artificial intelligence. We also see academics infiltrating marketing and growth teams at companies like Airbnb and Slack as data scientists or venture capital firms as research fellows or scientists-in-residence. Academics are in a unique position to merge their deep expertise with industry experience to become innovative founders.

The Community Builders

The community builders frequently angel invest in the next generation of companies in their category and bring a high level of transparency to educate founders and support individual creators.

Community builders are natural company builders. They value thoughtful curation and quality; they eschew the attitude of growth at all costs. As founders, they’re natural evangelists who invest in user education and steadily increase revenue.

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