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Clay's Suggestions

Trying to capture all suggestions made by Clay Hambrick to me while we work together.

In Markdown, try to keep lines shorter. Markdown does not render a space until you have an actual space between patagraphs.

Use ViewType class when you want to give options in functions. e.g. Same function could render detailed DataFrame for Offices or LoBs. Set them up as ViewTypes to get some goodies like "required" from the start.

Environment variable sohuld be ALL CAP

Name branches in the following pattern: feature/name/description

use collections.OrderedDict() when you want to introduce some sort of order to your dictionary.

FYI it's polite to say "Can you please review" instead of "approve", even for a small change. The best practice is to review all changes, no matter how small

yes, we should update the version with each PR very important that we don't deploy 2 versions of the code with the same version number

the question phrasing is fine. Just make sure the relevant code is ready for me to look at in azure devops whenever possible

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