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Advanced Bash Automation for Web Developers (egghead course)

Lesson 4: Create and Copy Multiple Files with Brace Expansions in Bash

echo pre-{a,b,c}--post outputs pre-a-post pre-b-post pre-c-post

mkdir -p packages/{pkg1, pkg2, pkg3}/src creates three folders in packages directory called pkg1, pkg2 and pkg3, each has a src folder inside. Coooool!

Lesson 5: Set Default Arguments with Bash Shell Parameter Expansions

If you ran a function that required a sudo. You can then re-run it by doing sudo !!

Lesson 7: Use Bash Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+a to go to the beginnning of the line. Ctrl+e to go to the end of the line. Ctrl+k to delete everything to the right of the cursos Ctrl+w to delete the last word Ctrl+l clears the screen, same as clear command

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