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PyData 2019

A Crash Course in Applied Linear Algebra

Patrick Landreman @spry

Meghan Heintz at Rent the Runway

Same API, Different Execution

Saul Shanabrook @quantsight

  • Numba
  • Scikit-image ^ checkout

Spark Backend for Ibis: Seamless Transition Between Pandas and Spark

Li Jin, Hyonjee Joo

Ibis syntax/API similar to SQL

Every ML Model Deserves To Be A Full Micro-service

Romain Cledat @netflix (mlinfra on a shirt)

  • Kibana for logs
  • Server gunicorn flask
  • Storage s3
  • What is Spinnaker
  • Metaflow code
  • Openfaas for implementation
  • Hiring

Clean Machine Learning Code: Practical Software Engineering Principles for ML Craftsmanship

Moussa Taifi Ph.D. @Xandr

  • Knight Capital example of bad decision making
  • Loose coupling is making component not depend on each other
  • High cohesion -

jupyter notebook workshop

Data-centric exploration using intake, dask, hvplot, datashader, panel, and binder

Julia Signell @Anaconda

Introduction to NLP

Mariel Frank

Swiftly turn Jupyter notebooks into pretty web apps

Michal Mucha - - @jeremimucha

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