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Pygotham Notes (Day 1)

Python use spectrum

Kojo Idrissa

More speakers always needed. Volunteers always needed - django organization

Eita! Why internalization and localization matter

Nicolle Cysneiros @Labcodes (py + django + js)


*Date Formats (mm/dd)

  • Number Formats (123,123 vs 123.123)
  • Currency, Bidirectional Text & Unicode Characters


  • GNU gettext
    • Essentially creating a 'list' of text blocks that will need to be translated.
  • locale module
    • helps change the formats of the above mentioned differences
  • Apparently django makes it super easy. Talk to presenter (ask about datetime, it didn't reference the locale module.

The promised Django Land; the tale of one team’s epic journey from the country of Flask to Django Land

Nicole Zuckerman @Clover Health

  • Left
  • the story as a fairytale with Marvel characters
  • Hard to follow, not relevant, not many learning points, too high level

Can you keep a secret ?

Aaron Bassett @Nexmo

    • Uses pgp

Absolutely Awesome Automated APIs

Timothy Allen - WRDS (uses Django)

-@flipperpa -djangonaut -hockey_fan_flyers -guitarist -loves_icecream

  • Automagic-Rest - open source
  • Drf renderer xlsx - open source library to convert API endpoint to excel file

Recreating "The Clock" with Machine Learning and Web Scraping

Kirk Kaiser @datadog

  • Tate modern - the clock
  • To start:
    • Simplify
      • try kubernetes locally - Ubuntu + Nvidia,
  • Dab & t-pose controlling light
  • Jetson nano gpu accelerated machine 99$
  • Datadog is hiring

To comment or not? A data-driven look at attitudes toward code comments

Veronica Hanus

  • Funny good presenter
  • Comments are good , leave them
    • Thats the general consensus

Learning with Limited Labeled Data

Shioulin Sam @cloudera

  • Very clear and great presenter
  • Active learning has been here for a while , bit only now got integrated with ...
  • Random sample data points to label (good, but not optimal)
  • Margin Sampling
  • Twinkl and Ai podcast

Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs): hands-on to making new data (and some pretty pictures)

Nabeel Seedat

  • Goodfellow (link)
  • Dirpfakes (link)
  • Deep Convolutional GAN
  • Fashion mnist
  • Gan zoo

What physics can teach us about learning

Marianne Hoogeveen

  • Neutral network can approximate any smooth function - Universal approximation function
  • Scales matter when it comes to identifying patterns (neural networks) - renormalization group i.e. compression

Django + ElasticSearch without invalidation logic

Flávio Juvenal @vinta

  • Most popular search
  • Why search engine
    • Tokenization
    • Fuzzy similarity
    • Cleaning
  • Elastic search built ins
  • Less than million rows of Data can be searched with postgres built-in capabilities (check Django postgres search ) if more than 1m than implement elastic search
  • Haystack library for search in Django
  • Zombodb works with postgres (via access method API) (Django-zombodb)
    • will Soon work with postgres 11

Static Typing in Python

Dustin Ingram @Google @di_codes

  • type errors happen
    • When Python expects a list received a string and converts that to a list , ugly list
  • Python originally is dynamically typed, but can also be static. Which is a great strength
  • Pep 3107 fucntions
    • Def Foo() <- max(2,9)
    • Foo.__annotations
  • Mypy from PhD introduced on pycon us 2013
    • Experimental variant of Python that is statically typed
    • After talking to Guido decided to implement to pure Python
  • pep 483 theory of type hints
    • Optional typing (+gradual typing)
    • Variable annotation
  • Check data science from scratch again , it has some static type instructions
  • Pep 484 type hints
  • Pip install mypy
  • When not to use : never
  • When to use : as much as possible (Start early)
    • When code is confusing
    • When for public consumption
    • Before big migrations and refactoring
  • Start early
  • Note : not a replacement for unit test

Convincing an entire engineering org to use (and like) mypy

Annie Cook @nylas - hiring

  • Mypy is a static typechecker , type of documention (self documenting )
#pep 484type hints
Def Foo(type: str)  -> str
  • With mypy linters work better
  • Captures a large category of errors
  • Union is a multiple type
  • learn x in y minutes . Saw some guy in the talk use this website, seemed interesting

ministry of silly talks

in-toto - securing the whole software supply chain

nyu , njit, Santiago Torres Aria's, hammad afzali, etc.

  • Not rely clear, probably hard to implement
  • Sounds scary where people can attack software, need to check if that actually happens

Test your failures with xfail

Paul ganssle

  • Decorate a test that you expect to fail with @pytest.mark.xtest

experimental features in scikit learn

thomas j fan - scikit learn core devoler

  • Deprecations ?
  • Use columntrasformer to transformer some of the dataframe

Why your tech company from recruit from philosophy department

Katherine Hartling - @KatOnceSaid

  • Plato's concept of classes

greed an homage

Julian @julian GitHub, @jukainwastaken on Twitter

  • Algortim of change in supermarket, greedy algorithm
  • when does it work
    • When you can take Independent choices within each step
    • Matroids ???

change just one thing

Timothy Allen , same guy as WRDS talk in API

  • deaaled with alcohol addiction problem
  • Ask help , people are willing to help , especially the Python and Django communities

Damocles : how do we intend to solve it


  • Tool for learning words in context
  • Scrapes video (big bang theory) with the search word

structured logging in Python

Jonathan Meier software engineer @openslate

  • structured logging is writing consistent logs that are easy for computers to read (JSON)
  • Python-json-logger or structlog

Restructuring Data in Python

Mahmoud Hashemi @

  • Flat is good vs namespaces are good Time Peter Pep20
  • Nested data is bad
  • Glom library - Python data nester
  • Good presenter

ministry of silly runtime: Vintage Python on cloud run

Dustin Ingram @Google @di_codes

  • Run stateless http container
  • Docker images as a service
  • Installed old Python (1.0.1) on cloud run
  • Good presenter

Cool but didn't go.

Building Docs Like Code: Continuous Integration for Documentation

Mason Egger

Building effective Django queries with expressions

Can Neural Networks Help Me Become a Better Parent?

Vanessa Barreiros

Beyond Unit Tests: End-to-End Web UI Testing

Andrew Knight

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