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Pygotham Notes (Day 2)

Accepting your successes

Piper Thunstorm

1000x faster data manipulation: vectorizing with Pandas and Numpy

Nathan Cheever @AdvancedMD Ds

  • For loop vs vectorization
  • Vectorization working with array or series without for loops, rather all at once.
    • You are probably already doing that to some degree
  • To perform conditional vectorization do: numpy.where()
  • Numpy.vectorize()
  • for multiple ifs / elifs
  • Pd.shift() to create anoer plumn with values shofted
  • talked about Dask
  • Kubernetes shirt

Using Dash to Create Interactive Web Apps for Non Technical Audience

Joseph Willi , @underwriters labarotory

AZV Dashboard (Arizona Vortex)

  • Apparently great company, mission oriented
  • Their job is to fire staff and gather data
  • Somehow connected physical devices such that the plotly days gathers data from the device and inputs it to the dashboard
  • What was the "noise" on the graph , when devices were static . ASK.

Distributed Machine Learning with Python

Brad Miro @google

  • Latest ml updates,: Gpu, Tensorflow unit
  • Kubeflow that marries Tensorflow and Kubernetes

Pull Requests: Merging good practices into your project

Luca Bezerra - - vinta

  • Code review , even if unwanted adds greatly to the project
  • Best practices -
    • Pull request on github
    • Status checks prevent branches merging without checks
    • Contributing .md for collaboration
    • Enforce approval/merge rules : codeowners.nd
    • Using gitflow makes sure your branches are always up to date
      • Branches are cheap and great flexibility
    • Keep pr size as small as possible
    • More clear commit messages (talk about what and how ), 1paragraph ~
    • Use linters when possible (learn on linters)
  • Tips & tools
    • Refined GitHub
    • Deploy Previews (Netlify)
  • Check Vinta checklist

Jane Doe will help you improve your project

Rebecca Sarai - Vinta

  • Netflix prizes - challenge
  • Talk is about anonimization
  • Psedonymization - is personal data , but you hide the data in a particular manner , includes
    • Tokenization, etc.
  • Anonimization no data that considered personal and can be sued to identify a person
    • Static
    • Dynamic
    • Synthetic

The Cat's Alive! Add Some Weirdness To Your Code With Quantum Computing

Jorn Mossel works in finance, Marianne Hoogeveen

  • Classical comijter works with 0 and 1
  • Qubit can be a bit of both (circular form)

Oh, the Humanities! Interdisciplinary Thinking in Python

Lisa Tagliaferri - Digital Ocean, wrote tutorials for

  • Research on how women men are described in certain ages.
  • TeXt from Gutenberg projects were analyzed
  • Very interesting
  • Text analysis might not be that scary after all. It never was , bit now it is certainly interesting enough to give it a try
  • Gender novels project
  • Hacktober fest

Serverless Deep Learning with Python

Alizishaan Khatri @Kony Machine Learning Engineer

  • Kony builds applications for banks
  • Unfortunately I do not follow at all

Airflow in Practice: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love DAGs

Sarah Schattschneider - software engineer @ blue apron - hiring

  • Airflow replaces from
  • One of advantages is the more advanced alerting system
  • Goog cli and UI
  • open Sourced by Airbnb

Because Equity: Python FTW

Meg Ray

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