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100+ ways to promote your blog posts

It is a good post. Go thourgh it.

  • When time goes by, and followed this guide. Make a list of your own best places to promote.

To get your content the exposure it deserves, you need to spend 60% of your time on promotion (40% on writing).

Promote Your Blog Content With Your Existing Audience

  • Email/Newsletter
  • RSS Feed
  • RSS Feed Directories -

Promote Your Blog Content on Your Social Profiles

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Your Email Signature

Syndicate Your Content on Other Platforms

  • Medium
  • LinkedIn Articles
  • IndieHackers
  • Top Blogs
    • Large publications like Business Insider or Huffington Post are open to re-publishing your articles if they feel it’s good enough. You can reach out directly to Business Insider or Huffington Post and apply.

Promote Your Blog Content on Appropriate Upvote Sites

  1. Hacker News: Hacker News was started by the team at Y Combinator. Its target is developers and entrepreneurs. A feature on HN’s homepage can drive 50,000 people to your site.
  2. Designer News: Designer News is similar to Hacker News, but targets designers.
  3. Growth Hackers: GrowthHackers was started by growth marketer Sean Ellis. It caters to marketers and seems to be the heir apparent to (now
  4. DataTau: DataTau is similar to Hacker News, but focuses on data science.
  5. is a new platform for marketers. The Zest team curates the content they promote. They’re not big ononc self-promotion.
  6. is an invite-only version of Hacker News also targeting tech people.
  7. Digg: “The homepage of the Internet”. Digg was once a much more popular site than it is today, but it’s still worth publishing content on there.
  8. Web Designer News: Web Designer News is a curated site for web designers…
  9. is another site for designers. It features the 5 best posts each day.
  10. DesignFloat: DesignFloat is another upvote site focused on designers.
  11. BizSugar: BizSugar focuses on small businesses.
  12. Manage WP: Manage WP focuses on WordPress.
  13. Blokube: Blokube is an upvote site focused on social media.
  14. Blog Engage: Blog Engage is a general-purpose upvote site.
  15. Do Splash: Do Splash is another general-purpose upvote site.
  16. Amplify Blog: Amplify Blog is a general-purpose upvote site.
  17. is a community dedicated to bootstrapping a business.
  18. SaaS Invaders: SaaS Invaders focuses on Software as a Service news and tech.

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