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+2,167 new subscribers in 48 hours (one tactic you should try)

The key was the content strategy.

I won't lie: it requires a lot of work. But it can be replicated in any niche. So we thought we'd share the tactic with the IH community.🎉

The technique is called "R.L.L." (Really Long List). It was invented by Brian Dean from Backlinko.

He describes the RLL technique in detail in his latest course.

I'll give you a quick overview in 6 steps:

  1. 🕵 USER RESEARCH: Guess < Ask

You just have to find the equivalent for your niche. But please: don't just try to guess. Ask directly.

  1. ✨ Quality - TOPIC: Offer a clear benefit for a niche.

There are BILLIONS of "5 Ways To " list-posts out on the web. But very few "100+ Tactics For " high-quality articles. Especially ones with clear benefits for a specific niche.

  1. 🧠 Value

Focus on providing examples, tips, and checklists that people can use.

  1. 🏡 Structure - Easy to scan = easy to share.
  • Use categories.
  • Reduce cognitive load.
  • Use progressive disclosure.
  • Aim for a clear visual hierarchy.
  1. 📝 Create

Writing one HUGE LIST is extremely hard. But creating one list ITEM is easy. Fresh Start Effect

  1. 📬 Convert

Content upgrades tap into the concept of curiosity gaps 🔗 . That alone attracted thousands of emails.

  • Treat your free content like a paid product.
  • Build in small iterations.
  • Get started now

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