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Ahrefs Academy - Blogging for Business

Lesson 3: How to analyse the traffic potential and ranking difficulty of a keyword

3.1 - How to test your article ideas for “search demand”

  • Newby bloggers' biggest mistake is to write about things that no one is looking for.
  • The more detail a post has the more clocks it will get. i.e. Better Content = More Search Traffic

3.4 - How to determine your chances to rank in Google

  • Think of links to your site as votes. The more pages with a link to your page the more chances you have appearing on the front page of google.

Exercise (spreadsheet)

  • Check search Volume of your topic idea
  • Estimate total search traffic potential
  • Identify the "parent" topic (if any)
  • Look at the number of linking website.

Lesson 4: How to find great content ideas with high business value

4.1 - How to discover great content ideas by studying your niche

  • Even Reddit can be a great place to find ideas to blog about. If you go to a subreddit for your desired topic, see what people are voting for or are asking about.
  • Don't forget about the exercise from Lesson 3

4.2 - How to generate keyword ideas using keyword research tools

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