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How to Crush Twitter Workshop

Workshop with David Perell and Matthew Kobach

David's Presentation

DP: Curate your feed constantly Follow people not organizations You have full permission to unfollow You have the full authority over your feed

DP: Every tweet should be one idea DP: Reply to people who have a large following. Make sure you add value to the conversation. DP: When sharing quotes, make sure to add value, context and your own flavor

MK: I have a test account to prepublish and confirm that everything looks good. It does look different once you publish. MK: Condense as much as possible

WM: {favorite quote} Now is the envy of the dead.

Matthew's Presentation

MK: If you want follower, know why someone should follow you! This makes it clear what you should write. You follow David because he takes complex ideas and breaks them down two levels down. If followers is not your goal, then nevermind, have fun. MK: Be very (very, very) specific, very (very, very) niche. Only when you get super passionate people, only then can you start to broaden the scope. The more specific you are, the more unique you are. MK: You need to post a lot (a lot, a lot)! (every day for 30 days - arbitrary) Than a month later you get to see what resonated and what not. Use that information to plan the future work. MK: Tweets tend to be similar to compounding. By being consistent you get an exponential growth. This earns goodwill and will therefore separate you from other accounts. MK: If the creativity wave hits you, ride it. You are not stilling from your future-self. This won't last forever so, ride the way.

DP: The Personal Monopoly Worksheet.pdf helps you figure out why someone should follow you.


DP: Look at likes and lists of your favorite people to follow DP: Advanced search: favourite follower, filter by like

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