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Images that MUST accompany every startup PR pitch

I’d recommend including at least one of these image types, ideally, all four:

🦸‍♂️ The Hero Shot Hopefully, you have a product that looks cool. Minimally, you’ll have a clean image that explains your product’s value proposition. Pictures are worth a thousand words — invest in them


🏙️ The Office Logo A reasonable alternative to the “hero shot” is a photo of the founders against the backdrop of a semi-artful logo in your startup’s well-lit lobby. Even a photo of the logo in your office can be a decent option.


🦁 The Logo in the Wild A photo of your logo out in the world is a powerful asset. The context clues help explain to potential readers what your startup does, and it demonstrates you’ve actually built something.


🎨 The Illustrated Logo If you don’t have the time/budget to make rich visual assets, at least ensure that you prep a high-resolution version of your logo. 99bf178b18a9202aadc197f21696c7de.pngdb6fac24ba6a896fd8bf42213c70b689.png

Another easy option is to put your logo over a piece of stock art that provides some context. Get a free image from Unsplash, add a couple of adjustment layers in Photoshop, and you’ve got a decent press image. 683e1220ce58c7c57f94e97c91c0a1ef.png9e7d9a4ebe3192ff76b1d58ada589824.png

💻 Logo on a screen fe587a9f559784764aa4c4d20d31f16e.png0f18bd76a0812a8cfebe55907025ca57.png

🎭 Logo on a stage

Your logo presented on a large screen at a conference is a decent option for businesses with ephemeral offerings. Like the logo in the wild, it suggests that someone thinks you are important enough to put on stage. 28633aec6640ff713fc139fa4099632f.pngac080c1afc0636f516b779a59fce221c.png

✏️ Logos with Illustrations 3f6f4fb0b49d21128cec2bcfdb386b33.png250e9656be65a7d96ba61b939f9c24b7.png

📣 Mascots If your product is dull, but you’ve got a playful spirit, it’s an underutilized way to build affinity and recognition. cfdd2b2d5ce32332fb7ccf689f84da8b.pngf6ad6117d2fc1cd3394d2604f4126354.png

  • Avoid stock art sterility at all costs!
  • If you want PR, invest in design

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