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Charlie Munger Commencement Address

[02:25] To get what you want you have to deserve what you want

[07:00] To become successful you must be a learning machine. Going to bed a little wiser than you were in the morning.

[14:20] World's most famous laywer, Cicero said a man who does not know what happened before he was born, goes through life as a child.

Knowing major themes in various disciplines can be the thing that separates you from others. It can be life changing.

[17:05] Inversion can help you solve a lot of problems on life.

[19:00] If you want to be smart, to learn and be successful, forget about ideologies. Sticking to an ideology turns your brain into mush.

[21:00] Self pitty is not an answer. It is one of the worst modes of thinking. Generally , envy, anger, resentment are bad modes of thinking.

[23:50] Franklin said: if you want to persuade appeal to interest, not reason.

[25:00] Working under people you admire is crucial for better life. Both financially and psycholo

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