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Tim Ferriss Show #195 DHH

1:21:00 - Happiness. Be happy no matter what , no matter the circumstance. It comes from within you.

1:27:26 - be careful how you set your expectations. Make sure it is internal. Example is being angry at finishing 2nd, that's stupid.

2:05:00 - alfy koen books on parenting

2:14:00 - fuck the parents who say my kid shouldn't play iPad all day, rather with wooden blocks. The problem is not the kid or the iPad , it is the shitty environment the parents built that makes the kid do nothing. Example of rat eating cocaine and dying vs. a group of rats having a good environment and not dying even with access to cocaine

2:41:00 - Wrath of the cons podcast - Dan Carlan

2:51:00 - Leica M 2 40 - fucking amazing camera - paired with 50mm sumlux 1.4

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