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Book management system

  1. User creates an entry (a book) and uses a "magic" button to populate all the meta stuff (Goodreads or Google Books API).
  2. User is allowed to add a file to that entry in case he has it in a digital format.
  3. Then the user has two option

Entry fields:

  • Title
  • Author

If Article:

  • Original Source
  • Twitter Card

If Book:

  • ISBN
  • Cover


  • Description


  • Caliber
  • Polar
  • Libib
  • Data Crow


Cross Platform

  • Web - Start
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS

File Formats

Work wiht all major files formats:

  • PDF
  • EPUB
  • AZW3
  • MOBI
  • TXT
  • etc

Allow import, export and read with all those formats.


  • Make notes/annotations while reading.
  • Calculate and remember the progress on read things


  • Import and parse clippings.txt from Kindle
  • Import Pocket Notes - (Auto + Manual)
  • Export to Evernote / Joplin and other note-taking applications

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