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Letter form Peter Hearn - GC CEO


Dear Alan, Michael, Clay, Yassmine, Manrique, Rasul, Alex, Varun, Jason and Sara,

I have had the pleasure of being the CEO of Guy Carpenter for four years and during my tenure I have witnessed many presentations but, I can think of none as impressive as the data demonstrations conducted by the team last week. To have undertaken such high quality work in such a short period of time is remarkable and a testimony to everyone’s hard work and expertise.

The data strategy work undertaken by you and your team will transform Guy Carpenter and revolutionize how we source, process and drive insight from the vast amounts of disassembled data we control and drive us to become an insights company not a data and analytics company.

Thank you all very much for you very impressive presentation and, more importantly, your significant efforts.


Peter C. Hearn President & Chief Executive Officer

Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC 1166 Avenue of the Americas, 12th floor New York, NY, 10036 Office: 917.937.3005

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