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How to get a job as a Python developer in 2020 by Daniel Feldroy


1. Writing and Communication

* Spell and grammar check your resume (sounds silly, but crucial)
* Join local language groups to improve spoken word
* For video interview, make sure there is no background noise
	* If you offered to reshedule because of an issue like that, take them up on that offer
* Look presentable on video interview
* Make sure background is presentable

2. Public Persona

* Sometimes employers look at social profiles 

3. Quality of Code

* PEP8 Compliant code

Use tools like black and pylint to make it easier to adhere to the standard Make sure your code is secure Things like fields = "all" in Django is not good You want to display history of code by using commits There needs to be many of them, otherwise it may seem as code is not yours * Messages need to be at least half decent

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