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Building the Writing Habit by Julian Shapiro


Julian Shapiro

The best way to think is by writing. It compels your brain to connect the dots.

Can't even count the number of times I was writing a question, only to figure it out myself, while writing it.

You don't need multiple novel ideas to start. Ideas will naturally emerge from the process of writing:

Choose a topic
Write your intro, and use it to brainstorm talking points
Get feedback on your intro
Create a starting outline
Explore talking points within your outline
Rewrite for clarity, succinctness, and intrigue
Cycle between rewriting, resting, and receiving feedback
Copy edit for grammar, word choice, and flow
There are many good ways to tell a story. Be satisfied when you’ve found one that you'd want to read yourself.

Don't practice writing by aiming for a weekly output of words or posts. Word count is a dumb goal that measures your output volume instead of your output quality. Heck, rewriting often reduces your word count. Instead, focus on improving the clarity of your thinking and your eye for rewriting.

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