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Tim Ferriss on writitng for Sharp Thinking

Summary Key Points:

  • Write to freeze your thoughts and look at them in a different way whenever you want

  • lawyers are great at that as they are trained and skilled at looking and thinking about every word and its' meaning

  • writing is rewriting

  • 2 scrappy pages per day minimum of writing, brain vomit, worthless

    • then revise them in at least 3 rounds, first for yourself, second round of edits, for his fans who would love it, third round for the critics who will be twisting everything
    • ask people to highlights parts that are unclear
    • if something makes you wonder highlight it
    • if you doubt it take it out
    • indicate the 10% I should keep no matter what
    • if I had to cut 10% what would you cut
    • Writing systematically and revising systematically will help you in becoming a good and skilled writer
    • Writing is the most important practice

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