This is my Project Journal

Aug. 26, 2019


I have attended a No Code Hackathon this Saturday and have mixed feelings about it. I mostly feel positive about the event, but would like to break it down a little.

Some part of me feels like this was a waste of time. More specifically, we have spent a a whole day coming up with business ideas, doing the market research, making presentations and actually presenting. There are a lot of things I have missed out, but this is essentially what it was. This part of the even was useless and a waste of time. I now know that I want nothing to do with presentation making.

However, what made this event great in the end were the people who attended. These were peopple who were dreaming about making their own business and were pretty active about it. These are the people who understand the value of networking and connections. Additionally, people who stayed up until the end are the ones who cared about the process and knowledge, not just business card exchange.

Great experience. Next time I want to do something more actionable.

P.S. I had way too many beers in the end. Totally embarassed.

Aug. 23, 2019

Personal Website:

Came to realization (after reading “Don’t Make me Think” and “The Lean Startup”) that my website is overcrowded (at least on on the admin side). This is my attempt to go through various sections to see what can be removed.

I will remove these ate the first convenience:

  • Ideas app

Ok, maybe it is not overcrowded. I certainly have to reduce amount of the things on the home page , but I’d say the website is still pretty minimal. Good.

Features to add:

  • OGP
  • Canonical
  • Photo Gallery
  • Filter posts by category.
  • Schema

Aug. 22, 2019

Personal Website:

Yesterday fixed an issue with PW. Initially, wanted to add the draft html code to the Books template, but run into a weird problem. I couldn’t log in into my local Admin panel. It wouldn’t load. It just loaded and loaded. I was scared because there was no answer to be found on Google… After hours of misery, I decided to try a different browser (Safari, instead of Chrome) and it worked. What a relief.

Will download Firefox today. Will try to migrate everything there, or at least the web development things.


Unfortunately, not much progress on projects. Hard to say why. Promise to get over this hump.


Excited to attend the Hackathon this Saturday.
Hope to meet people who will motivvate/help me create some of my ideas.

Aug. 19, 2019


Worked on the design (CSS) this weekend. Even though it is not the best use of the time I have at home (I can do that at work and focus on the backend a home) it was still relatively good. However, I have something to say about the process.

CSS and general design is hard, I am not sure I am doing it right. For example, the overuse of margins and paddings feels incorrect or the use of flex is questionable. What is the best way to design keeping mobile screens and desktop monitors in mind. All these quesitons come up during the project, which is very annoying.

The precious time I usually set for myself to work is spent on fixing some error or searching a solution on StackOverflow. Design is hard. We development is hard.


Made my first contribution to the Open-Source project today and am very happy about it. This is a start of a long, exciting and hopefuly rewarding jourbey for me. Also, made a quick post about the first contribution.


From now on I am going to write about all learning experience I have. This will promote new neural connections in my brain making the experience more memorable, will be a good thing to do for my future self that wants to look up certain information and might actually hekpo other people. I got this idea, or rather what pushed me to actually do this, rahter than think about is the podcast with Tania Rascia.

Aug. 18, 2019

Thoughts On Journal:

Started working on the project. I think I am done with the basic design. Not sure whether I should design other pages. I am going to go with “no”, want to try use the DjangoX template.

Aug. 16, 2019

Side Projects:

I am now using Sketch to design all the website (I bought a student license a while back and very glad I did, the program is great). I am now “designing” both StoicQuotes and ThoughtsOn projects. Need a couple more days to finish them. Once, done will progress to convert designs to HTML and CSS.

Personal Website:

I did a lot of good work on this website in the last couple of days.

  1. I’ve added the “draft” functonality to the website. Now I can write many different things at ones and they won’t show up on the website. (If you know what you are looking for you could hypothetically, write the url for a post that is still in draft, but that is not a big concern of mine).
  2. All “textboxes” in the admin section are now in Markdown “mode”. All posts, book reviews and journal entries are written in Markown.

These were the biggest additions/changes, other minor HTML/CSS corrections were also made.

Aug. 15, 2019


Nothing huge happened since the last entry.

I am almost 100% happy with the website. I certainly won’t be changing the design much (if at all). There is still some functinoality I want to add, but nothing urgent:

  • Add canonical links and Open Graph protocol to each of my pages.
    Need to create a canonical tag for SEO purposes and Open Graph Protocol purposes.
    Not crucial, but certainly, great to learn. For this, I will need to create a new variable in Django Context Processor.
  • Add tags to books, posts and other parts of my website.
  • Add Webmentions functionality

I am now going to start working on two projects:

  • “Thoughts On” Journal
  • Stoic Quotes Database

July 29, 2019


There are too many tools for productivity/project management/todo, etc!
evernote, trello, coda, onenote... This are just a few I named of the top of my head. It is a good idea for a blog post, what tools there are and what tools you actually need. This will be good reference in the future and good way to clear of my head from all the "junk"


Just realized a small flaw in this journal design. It is not very resilient. I feel like staff can disappear for whatever reason pretty easily. I am okay with this for now, but will have to think of a better way to journal my project related thoughts. 


Couple a minutes ago I wrote about an idea for a project. I don't want to rewrite all the details (I deleted it accidentaly). Basically, I am hpoing to create a community akin to Stack Overflow, where people can ask questions about non ficiton books they are reading. They will be able to search for a specific book, specific chapter and ask a question about itm where others will hopefully will reply with an explanation.

July 26, 2019

Personal Website:

Mostly done with adding new features, some SEO/small details are left to add. Nothing urgent or crucial. Happy with the result. Time to move on. Although one thing I could do regarding the personal website is writing a guide/book/article/course about it. I will add it to the tasks now.

Stoic Quotes:

Decided to focus on this relatively simple project. This will be a good practice for making "Getting Real" projects. The idea is a simple web page that will display a random quote for each time you refresh the page. There will be a button that will take you to he quote page and will allow users to discuss that given quote and perhaps share what they think about it. Additionally, there will be a recommended readings page as well as donate and contact us forms. Should be a fun project! Can't wait to start.

July 22, 2019

Personal Website:

Didn't have much progress on the website over the weekend, but am close to finishing the basic things. The only things left to complete are making the Book Notes look good and creating a favorites app that will hold all the "favorites" information. Once complete, I will start the Free museums project.

I have updated the Now page today and have started o update the What I learnt this week, but didn't finish yet.

July 19, 2019

Personal Website:

This note is regarding photos sub-domain of my personal website. I think I fond the solution to the max-file issue I was having. The problem was not with php ini settings (I think). I need to add max_file_settings to nginx.conf file to let the server do the image staff as well.

I think I made the Lychee service work! Will need to try uploading higher quality photos tomorrow. I forgot to restart the php7.2-fpm. 

July 18, 2019

Museum Free Days:

Found a couple of good tutorials that will be super useful for creation of this product. In fact, this should not be too complicated as there is no need to reinvent the wheel on working with the spatial data in Django. Very lucky. I am actually very excited to try building this product.

July 17, 2019


Went through the DigitalOcean postfix installation for the added ability of sending emails. Can't exactly remember the reason why I did that, but it should also resolve my issue with Monica emails. Will see.

July 16, 2019

Museum Free Days:

Checked if Museums have API, which they do, but not about their free days, rather about their paintings. This is good. I now know that I just have to grate a database, which I will begin to populate and maybe ask Tanya to help me. The next thing I will have to figure out (learn) how to display the map. The outline is clear and doable, so now this is a question of action.
In the future we will ask the community to help us fill out the database.

Personal Website:

I have dealt with the Server 500 issue luckily! The trick was to set Debug=True after which the error became apparent (Google Analytics thing). I am planning to install Sentry error tracking to see if this will replace the need to modify the DEBUG setting in my Django project. Additionally, I will probably end up using Sentry in all my projects anyway.

Oh my god! Yes, I did it. I managed to display the 3 latest posts on my home page. It was harder than I expected. I ended up making an inclusion tag for and a separate template for displaying 3 posts. I guess it would make a good post. I'll try to write something quick and action-packed at work.

Another win! What a day! А я еще даже Таню не встретил. Just adding "Hustle", "Project", and other small functionalities using templatetags. For the projects app I used filter query.

July 15, 2019


Just created this journal (a.k.a complicated project to-do list). This is designed to aid my physical BuJo.