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This is what I used to be up to on July 9, 2019

Learning Web Development (Full Stack)

I am currently learning to develop web applications using Django framework. My first big project is building my personal website (the site you are seeing right now). I have already tried (successfully) to make a personal website using Jekyll and Plain HTML (and CSS), but they certainly were not sufficient enough in terms of functionality and customization, so I decided to learn something more sophisticated. (There were so many options, I spent at least two days deciding what to learn. It’s crazy! Decided to use Django for the good reviews and my general love for python).

Luckily learning Django, means I also have to learn HTML and CSS, without those I wouldn’t have a single page no matter how good I was at Django. I want my website to look good, so add Bootstrap to the mix.

Since I have to host the website myself (I realize now that this decision I didn’t have to take, since there are many options like Netlify and Heroku) I decided to purchase a VPS (DigitalOcean) and configure the whole deployment over there. This was a struggle. Now I have a basic understanding of NGINX, shell command and editors (nano and vim). This is an incredibly rewarding exercise to learn all these things. I certainly feel like I can do almost anything.

The work is not over, I am (now) still learning and improving. Hopefully, very soon I will complete my website and move onto the next project, that will help me earn some money (next point).


Dealing with Fears and Indiehackering

Words can’t describe my desire to have an additional income stream from a side hustle. I have been dreaming about my own company since I was a little kid ,but it was always just a dream. Now, I am now as close as one would need to be to start his company (even closer I would say), but there is always something stopping me. I’ve read dozens of “business” books and even more “Side Hustle” books and haven't made a single dollar yet. I bet it is all just a stupid/little fear I have in me that freezes me and doesn’t let me do what I have dreamt about.

So. I am now working to remove those stupid fears (I am not entirely sure what I am even scared of) and thinking of a project (potentially, money earning project) to work on. I hope to start working on something this month.

I will make sure to update this soon and see if there is any improvement going on.



My sister used to attend photography classes long time ago. She had this cool Sony A330 DSLR camera, which I remember about a month ago. I asked her to bring it to the USA from Russia so I could learn to take professional photographs. I generally wanted to see if it is as hard as they say and if it is worth pursuing at all. I thought that I would at least learn a new skill.

It turns out it is hard, but at the same time very cool. The sharpness and blur “effects” are more present and stronger than in a smartphone camera. Note: If I was to start backpack travelling I would think long and hard before taking it with me. At my current level, smartphone camera would be sufficient. However, I am still learning and will see where it goes.

You can see my current experience with photography @ photos.rasulkireev.com. (Note: You will be able to resolve server side issue, regarding the uploads.)