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This is what learnt the week of Aug. 15, 2019

Markdown is awesome

I plan to integrate Markdown editors wherever I can. I am by no means perfect at it, I am afterall just starting to work with. For example, this text is written in Markdown, more specifically on the admin section of my website with a Django Markdown Editor plugin.

Famous and successful people read and respond to email

Minimalism is the key to internal happiness for me (I think)

Obviously, the process of being happy is a never-ending one, I will have to work on it. The things that make me happy will change over time, but I thinnk I have found that thing that can aid in happiness acquisition process. Minimalist lifestyle, both physical and digital. Minimize wherever I can, wherevr it makes sense. For example, I plan to drop the use of Evernote and instead use my own website where possible (Books read, books to read and project ideas, for example).

The story of Aaron Swartz

Incredible story. Incredible person. Made me think that there are so many events in hte world that we might be blind to. Those events can be huge, but still miss us somehow. Learnt that there is an Internet Hall of Fame..