Hey, I'm Rasul

I'm a Software Engineer. This website is my Digital Garden, a collections of things I've learnt and created over the years.

I like to read, write, code, take notes, and do a lot of other things. You can read more about me, here.

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Built with Django

Testing Webmentions :) - (Link)

Rasul Kireev

Thanks Caleb :) - (Link)

Caleb Porzio

That's awesome it resonated with you. I hope you have success with it! - (Link)

Ionel Lupu 👨🏼‍💻

I was thinking to so the same thing. I am working on @Typetron_ , a Node.js web framework, which is in Alpha right now (and public), but idk if it possible to use the Sponsorware idea anymore for it. @calebporzio what do you think I should do? - (Link)

Rasul Kireev

So Django News doesn't have a Twitter handle? - (Link)

William Vincent

We're not DjangoWeekly btw! But I know you meant DjangoNews :) - (Link)

Jeff Triplett 😷

It's @djangonewsbot but someone (*clears throat me*) needs to set a cronjob to get links flowing here. - (Link)

William Vincent

Jeff is the automator in our partnership. I'm neutral at best about Twitter but he's a fanboy so I'll happily let him take ownership of Twitter-game for our newsletter :) - (Link)

Rasul Kireev

🤣 Nice - (Link)