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Open Source

I have discovered the Open Source community very recently and I am in love with, not as much as I am in love with my wife though!

I have recently started learning Web Development, the biggest discovery for me was the open-source community, where people share their ideas, thoughts, experiences and projects. It is beautiful. Thanks to a github repository called Awesome Self-Hosted I got to learn the basics of back-end development (PHP and Django), front-end development (HTML, CSS and JS), linux command line (I am no longer scared of the "Terminal"), web server maintenance (NGINX & Gunicorn), VCS (Git) and many other wonderful things.

Thanks to Open Source I now self-host a Monica Personal CRM database, that helps me track people I meet. Actually, before I installed it, I didn't meet many people. Now, I try to meet someone new at least once every week. I know this is going to be a deal breaker later in life.

I am now learning a lot of new and exciting skills, and can't wait to contribute to the Open Source community. I'll be honest, I am a little scared that I will not be of any help at all, but I slowly startig to gain confidence and will absolutely do my best to help people with products of my own and contributing to someone else's projects.

Thanks to all the cool people out there!


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