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My Own Personal Space

That is so cool! I just published a short post about Fear and Blogging and checked it out straight away. It feels unreal. I just posted something for the entire world to look at. The best thing is that it is my personal space, I can write anything I want and no one will be able to tell me to take it down, no matter what.

I can write here anything I want. I can write and structure it anyway I want. I won't lie to you, this feels amazing! Try it. Use Blogger, Wordpress, Medium or something else you already now or is easy to use. Once you feel more confident with what you write, make your own website with Django or Jekyll to fully claim your personal space on the World Wide Web! I am still only in the beginning of all this and decided to begin with a website, because I was scared to publish my thoughts, but here I am, happy to get started. Hope you will too!


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